Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome to my kitchen

french door

So I've been holding out on posting this for nearly two weeks, partly due to laziness and/or busyness and also in part because I cringe a little when I think about showing my much less than gourmet kitchen. I have almost no counter space and because we live in an older home, the set up is rather odd.

However, I thought it might be strangely inspirational to other bloggers who may find themselves in a similar less-than-stellar kitchen situation. I know I love seeing other bloggers kitchens and, get this, even more when they are tiny and small and when you see them you think, 'Wow! They make everything they do IN THERE?'

Yep. Sometimes you just have to make it work and that is what I do every time I head into my kitchen.It has become my mantra, and so far, so good.

You can read my brief interview and take a tour here, over at Cafe Mom.


  1. I LOVE your kitchen!! So bright and cheery - your photo really makes me smile :)

  2. You make great use of the space! Your kitchen reminds me a little of my apartment (in an old home that was converted into three apartments). My kitchen has absolutely no counter space and was extremely awkward when we moved in. Thankfully, the room itself was large so with the aid of a cheap island-turned-counter, a hand-me-down table and a shelf that holds our microwave, we make the space work. I'd die to have my kitchen painted such a pretty blue! Actually, the top color of your kitchen reminds me of the color I painted my studio. I really love how cheerful and whimsical your kitchen looks!

  3. Your kitchen is darling! It looks like everything you need is right at your fingertips!
    I had the chance to go to the test kitchen at Saveur not too long ago... It isn't much bigger than a lot of today's homes, with 6 different things going on at once and all their props stored there too!
    It sounds like, and from your photos looks like, you are producing eye-popping foodie bliss. Keep the mantra... and the blue. They're working for you.

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words ladies! You all brightened my day :)

  5. It's not about the kitchen, it's about the cook! ;)
    I think it looks great. LOVE the gas stove, just wish I knew how to cook on one!
    My husband and I are moving into our new house in October, and when shopping for appliances we were so tempted to get a gas range... *sigh* but opted for the electric..

  6. I LOVE this kitchen! That blue is my favorite shade! and I love your old mason jars....such character, so quaint!

  7. Love love love it, very quaint & cute. Love those old mason jars and the beautiful blue/green color. I'd love to whip up a few things in that kitchen!

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