Monday, July 6, 2009

Things I made in June

no knead bread

Ahh, summertime. BBQ's, picnics, sunburns, extra daylight, sunshine and every thing else. Nothing screams summertime picnic like some homemade bread being cut atop a TJ's bag on a plastic table clothed picnic table! Hey, I might've forgotten the cutting board, but at least I remembered the knife!

Here's my list of things that I made in June :)

KAF Classic 100% Whole Wheat bread
Pain d'épices
macarons (plain, colored purple)
rhubarb butterscotch sauce
coconut angel food cake
chocolate bread (two batches it was so good!)
strawberry vanilla bean jam
strawberry, rhubarb and vanilla bean pate de fruit
the best chocolate cake ever (twice in the month of June!)
caramel syrup
browned butter caramel frosting
whipped chocolate ganache frosting (twice)
NYT no knead bread (double batch)
Bakewell tart
flour tortillas (two batches)
chocolate macarons

River kite flying